Monday, October 02, 2006

Three's a crowd - weekend gallery openings

Scheduling events in Northumberland's burgeoning arts community can be difficult. To wit, this weekend saw three opening receptions - A.K. Collings in Port Hope, The Lawless Gallery in Grafton and the Colborne Art Gallery.
We were only able to make it to Colborne to meet the artist and mingle. Raab gave a brief demonstration of his print making technique.
He often starts by altering the images on the photographic negatives; he scratches them, and cuts and assembles pieces from different frames. He can control the exposure of the image onto the photosensitized metal plate. After the plate is etched in an acid bath, he works on it by etching additional, drawn lines and areas of tonal gradation through the aquatint method. The plate undergoes the repeated scraping and burnishing of bitten lines, and the careful etching-in of new ones.

The opening was well attended by gallery members and visitors.

The Colborne Art Gallery is the home of the Colborne Society of Artists. The Society was founded in the spring of 1977, in response to a unique opportunity.

The Historic Land Registry office was sold by the provincial government to the village of Colborne, for the sum of $8, on condition that it be maintained as a museum or library. Wilhelmina Kennedy proposed that the building become an art gallery, a suggestion that was enthusiastically welcomed by Colborne Reeve George Boycott and the Village Council.

Wilhelmina, a Dutch immigrant then living in neighbouring Cramahe Township, set about organizing a group of local artists into a co-operative to be known as The Colborne Society of Artists, and the group now runs the Colborne Art Gallery.

The artist and current curator Tim Dignam beam for the camera.


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